Biologist For Antibody Drug RD

Senior Scientist of In vivo Pharmacology

Job Responsibilities:

1. Be responsible for in vitro bioactivity evaluation of antibody drugs.
2. Conduct various experiments of cell-based function assays, immune cell related function assays, and mechanism of action studies of antibodies.
3. Get familiar with the requirement and related regulation for the bioactivity evaluation of antibody drugs.
4. Be involved in assay development and validation, and the writing of SOP.
5. Follow SOP for data recording, data organizing, and study report writing.

Job Requirements:

1. Master in Immunology, Immuno-Oncology, Cell Biology, or other related majors.
2. >1yr related experience.
3. Previous experience in antibody drug research and bioassay development is preferred, such as experience in immune-oncology, immune cells, cytokines, ADCC, etc.

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