Therapeutic antibodies have long been identified as the major class of modality for cancer, inflammation and infectious diseases.
  • Technology in making therapeutic antibodies has evolved from murine, chimeric and humanized to fully human antibodies with desired safety profiles.
  • The challenge is to expand the target space accessible to antibody therapy and/or to endow the therapeutic antibodies with increased potency.

Adagene has pioneered the Smart Antibody Technology that is designed to generate, engineer, and produce human antibodies with unprecedented precision, speed, and effectiveness. These antibodies are created to match product profiles both in terms of safety and potency.

  • Precision & diversity: to target a variety of antigens and their epitopes with precision and a high success rate.
  • Safety & stability: to minimize immunogenic response resulting from non-human proteins and their aggregation/degradation by using robust human scaffolds.
  • Potency & effectiveness: to increase the potency by
      1) homing on the right functional epitope;
      2) attacking multiple targets and/or epitopes;
      3) arming antibodies with payload.

Antibodies are not created equal
The key resides in the design and screening strategy to produce the right antibody for its intended application.
  • Therefore, our design philosophy is to seek the harmony between Mother Nature and human design.
  • Adagene's Smart Antibody Technology is positioned to overcome the intrinsic limitation of current antibody discovery technology, and to drive the seamless integraion between upstream discovery and downstream development.

"Our goal is to transform the precision for antibody generation, engineering and production, with tailor-made attributes for therapeutic, diagnostic, and research applications."